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Nadou Niang's first painting on display is titled 'Retreat'. It is a thought-provoking piece that depicts a naked woman looking into her lap. The painting is done on a 40cm x 50cm canvas, and it's a testament to Nadou's artistic talent and unique perspective on contemporary society. If you're interested in acquiring this piece or learning more about Nadou's work, please visit our online shop or contact us directly.

Rückzug (Retreat) by Nadou Niang

CHF 180.00Price
  • Nadou Niang: Contemporary Portraits Reflecting the Black Zeitgeist

    We are proud to showcase the stunning artwork of Nadou Niang, a young artist with roots from Senegal and Klybasel down town. Nadou is a vocal expressionist with a profound view on contemporary society, and she channels her creativity into both paintings and written words. Her paintings capture the essence of the black zeitgeist, portraying contemporary figures in a bold and unique style.

    Nadou is also a writer on the AfroSwissters spectrum, and her words are just as powerful as her art. Her work is a vital contribution to our community, and we are thrilled to have her as a member.

    To find out more about Nadou and her art, please get in touch with her via her AfroSwissters profile or follow her on Instagram via @maybeitsartmaybenot. And don't forget to check out our shop to see her incredible paintings up close!

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