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Our Dedication:

Celebrating Diversity, Empowering Afro Swiss Women, Building Bridges to other Communities in Switzerland and Beyond

At AfroSwissters:

  • Vibrant & Inclusive Community: We champion the achievements of Black and Afro diaspora women and flinta (femme, lesbian, intersex, non-binary, trans, and agender individuals).

  • Core Focus on Afro Swiss Women: While welcoming all backgrounds, our primary emphasis lies in empowering Afro Swiss women.

  • Uplifting Afro Swiss Women: Through connection, healing, growth, and empowerment, we ensure Afro Swiss women take center stage in our initiatives.

  • Inclusive Collaboration: Working alongside allies of diverse genders and ethnicities, we cultivate an empowering space where Afro Swiss women are celebrated, supported, and empowered to thrive within our community and society at large.

Happy Family

Welcome to AfroSwissters! We're dedicated to amplifying the voices of Afro Swiss women, fostering connections, and driving positive change. Join us in celebrating diversity and shaping an inclusive future together

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AfroSwissters is built on four pillars.
"Empowering Afro Swiss womxn through the power of connectivity, healing, and growth"



At AfroSwissters, we believe that connection is a powerful force that brings people together. Through events, workshops, and online interactions, we foster meaningful connections among Afro Swiss women and allies alike. We embrace diversity and celebrate the rich tapestry of backgrounds and experiences that make our community thrive.



Healing is an essential part of our journey. AfroSwissters provides a nurturing space where Black and Afro diaspora women and flinta can find support, understanding, and healing. We address the challenges we face, share stories of resilience, and create a supportive network to uplift each other.



Personal and collective growth is at the core of AfroSwissters. We offer opportunities for learning, skill-building, and empowerment, enabling Afro Swiss women to flourish as leaders, professionals, and changemakers. Together, we elevate our voices and pave the way for a brighter future.



AfroSwissters is a place of celebration and empowerment. We celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of Afro Swiss women and flinta, encouraging self-expression, confidence, and a sense of belonging. As we thrive together, we also engage with the larger community, promoting understanding, unity, and social progress.

...about becoming an afroswisster

AfroSwissters: Empowering Women of African Descent in Switzerland

At AfroSwissters, our primary focus is on empowering and uplifting women of African descent in Switzerland. We recognize and celebrate the unique experiences, contributions, and resilience of this community. Through a range of inclusive events, initiatives, and dedicated platforms, we provide a supportive space where women of African descent can connect, heal, grow, and thrive.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to foster personal and professional development, promote cultural diversity, and advocate for inclusion within the Swiss society. We aim to create an environment where Black womxn and FLINTA of African descent can confidently navigate the unique challenges they may face, while also celebrating their heritage, achievements, and aspirations.

Connecting and Empowering:
Through various events, workshops, and networking opportunities, we facilitate meaningful connections and mentorship within the AfroSwissters community. We encourage the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and support among individuals who identify as women of African descent. By connecting with like-minded peers, we promote personal growth, collaboration, and the sharing of valuable resources.

Inclusive Approach:
While our focus is on empowering women of African descent, we welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds who support our mission. We believe in the power of intersectionality and recognize that the strength of our community lies in embracing the diversity of experiences and perspectives. Allies, partners, and individuals of all genders are encouraged to participate, learn, and contribute to our collective journey.

Small Print:
Please note that while AfroSwissters aims to empower women of African descent in Switzerland, we value diversity and inclusion within our community. We strive to create an environment where individuals of all backgrounds can engage, learn, and contribute positively. Our commitment to women of African descent remains central to our mission and initiatives, as we work towards a more equitable and inclusive society in Switzerland.

Join AfroSwissters:
We invite women of African descent and allies who resonate with our mission to join AfroSwissters. Together, we can foster personal growth, celebrate achievements, and create positive change within our community and society. Visit our website, attend our events, and engage with our platforms to be part of this empowering journey.

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