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AfroSwissters  FAQ

1. What is AfroSwissters?
AfroSwissters is a vibrant and inclusive community that unites and celebrates Black women of African descent in Switzerland.

We provide a nurturing and empowering space where Black women can connect, inspire each other, and thrive.


2. Who can join AfroSwissters?
AfroSwissters welcomes all individuals who identify as Black women of African descent, embracing the rich diversity within this community. We also encourage non-Black women who align with our values and support the empowerment of Black women to join our community. Allies are vital in creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

3. What is the purpose of AfroSwissters?
The purpose of AfroSwissters is to empower and uplift Black women of African descent in Switzerland.

We foster a supportive environment that celebrates their achievements, promotes personal and professional growth, and advocates for their rights and representation. Our aim is to create a positive and inspiring community where Black women can flourish and make a lasting impact.

4. How can I become a member of AfroSwissters?
To become a member of AfroSwissters, simply visit our website and complete the membership form.

We encourage you to provide thorough information as it helps us better understand your needs, interests, and aspirations.

This enables us to tailor our events, resources, and platform offerings to provide the best possible support and advancement opportunities for you.


5. What types of events and activities does AfroSwissters host?
AfroSwissters hosts a diverse range of events and activities designed to empower and celebrate Black women in Switzerland.

From insightful panel discussions to inspiring workshops, networking events to cultural celebrations, we offer opportunities for personal growth, connection, and meaningful engagement. Visit our website and follow our social media pages to stay informed about upcoming events.

6. What is the AfroSwiss Spectrum blog?
The AfroSwiss Spectrum blog is a platform where Black women of African descent share their stories, insights, and perspectives.

It serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment, showcasing the diversity and strength of our community.

We invite Black women to contribute their unique voices, experiences, and wisdom, fostering a collective platform for personal and collective growth.

7. How can I contribute to the AfroSwiss Spectrum blog?
We warmly welcome contributions from Black women of African descent within the AfroSwissters community.

If you have a story, insight, or experience you'd like to share, please email it to our editorial team.

Your voice matters, and through the blog, we aim to uplift, inspire, and amplify the diverse experiences and wisdom of Black women in Switzerland.

8. How can I stay updated on AfroSwissters events and activities?
To stay connected with AfroSwissters, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter. By doing so, you'll receive regular updates on our events, activities, and initiatives. Engage with our online community forums to connect with fellow Black women, share insights, and contribute to the positive and uplifting conversations happening within our community.

9. Does AfroSwissters collaborate with other organizations?
Absolutely! AfroSwissters actively collaborates with like-minded organizations that share our vision of empowerment and upliftment. Together, we strive to create more opportunities, advocate for change, and amplify the voices of Black women in Switzerland.

Stay tuned for updates on our partnerships and collaborations through our website and social media channels.

10. How can I contact AfroSwissters?
You can reach out to AfroSwissters by emailing us at or using the contact form on our website.

We value your feedback, suggestions, and questions as we work together to build a vibrant and supportive community for Black women of African descent in Switzerland. Your input and engagement are essential in shaping our collective journey.

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