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AfroSwissters stands at the forefront of cultivating an inclusive community, aimed at amplifying and representing the voices of individuals who identify themselves as women of African descent within Switzerland while fostering connectivity and mutual understanding within Swiss society. At its essence, AfroSwissters serves as a evolving space, transcending cultural boundaries to establish encounters that encourage healing, growth, and thriving among diverse communities.

AfroSwissters Online Healing Circle

CHF 300


AfroSwissters Online Healing Circle: Connect, Heal, Grow, Thrive

Valid for 4 months

Eight exclusive online healing circle sessions

Expert guidance by Midar Pilastro/Inwardi

Guided activities and discussions

Holistic exploration of emotional well-being

Tailored sessions for the AfroSwissters community

Confidential and secure session environment

Participation open for professionals and students

Minimum of two sessions required for registration

Maximum capacity of fourteen participants per session

This pillar emphasizes the importance of building a strong and supportive community among women and FLINTA of African descent and their allies in Switzerland. AfroSwissters focuses on creating opportunities for networking, establishing meaningful connections, and fostering solidarity within the Afro- Swiss community. We are dedicated to forging meaningful relationships, acting as a platform where people from diverse backgrounds mingle, exchange experiences, and build lasting bonds. Our platforms promote inclusion by serving as a melting pot of cultures, perspectives, and identities, ensuring that every voice is respected, heard, and valued.


The platform actively creates spaces for healing and dialogue, breaking echo chambers to provide safe zones for open discussions. These created spaces foster conversations on diverse topics, allowing for deeper understanding, empathy, and personal growth. AfroSwissters believes in the power of healing through various mediums of art, dialogue and shared experiences.



We are committed to nurturing personal growth and empowerment. We aim to be a catalyst for change by offering empowering resources and opportunities that enable individuals to flourish. By supporting initiatives and providing an enabling environment, the platform empowers its community members to embrace their strengths and potentials.



We are dedicated to cultivating environments where communities thrive. It focuses on empowering individuals and groups to achieve their aspirations and pursue their ambitions. By offering resources, guidance, and platforms for skill development, AfroSwissters nurtures an ecosystem where everyone can thrive personally, professionally, and culturally. The aim is to build resilient and flourishing communities that contribute positively to Swiss society. Through collaborative efforts and support systems, AfroSwissters aspires to see individuals and communities not only succeed but also thrive and prosper in their pursuits.

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