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Meet the AfroSwissters Team

Get to Know Us

Our team embodies a diverse array of expertise and fervor, all dedicated to propelling AfroSwissters' mission forward.


Together, we represent:

  • Visionaries: Guiding our empowerment initiatives for Afro Swiss women and bridging cultural gaps.

  • Connectors: Building robust ties within Swiss society and nurturing community bonds.

  • Innovators: Infusing creativity and strategic insight into our growth-focused endeavors.

  • Catalysts: Fostering personal and professional development to ensure thriving outcomes.

Meet and Connect with the driving forces behind AfroSwissters - a team committed to uniting cultures, healing communities, and fostering growth!


Youzi Agbo-Ola

Internship Project Management & Comms Support


Safiatou Barry

Connect Events

Tallulah Bär Portrait.jpeg

Tallulah Patricia Bär 


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