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Join our vibrant community and be a part of AfroSwissters' mission to celebrate and empower Afro Swiss women and flinta. Sign up now for our Community Hub and gain access to a supportive network, inspiring events, enriching discussions, and opportunities for personal and collective growth. 


AfroSwissters welcomes sponsorships from individuals and organizations aligned with our mission as a bridge-building and empowerment platform. Your support can aid events, programs, operational costs, and sponsor members for various activities.

Connect with us to explore sponsorship opportunities and empower our diverse community together.

Please get in touch via email.

Education & Skill Building:

AfroSwissters invites both individuals and organizations seeking to bolster their employee engagement, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategies, and deepen cross-cultural and ethnic awareness.

If you possess expertise in a specific field or wish to share your knowledge, we warmly encourage you to connect with us. Let's explore potential workshop collaborations together.

Sponsors, Allies & Partners

Please get in touch with the founder for any inquiries about collaboration via

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