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This pillar emphasizes the importance of building a strong and supportive community among people of African heritage in Switzerland, particularly among Black womxn in Switzerland. We focus on creating opportunities for networking, establishing meaningful connections, and fostering genuine solidarity within the community and beyond.


In different Cities

Our AfroSwissters Connect Events are organized and hosted by Safiatou Barry and will take place in different cities on a monthly to bi-monthly basis. 

They are intended to incorporate bonding activities, entail learning and growth components and nurture our community spirit. Members are welcomed to bring forwaard ideas for future Connects.


Where Art Meets Heart: Uniting through Creativity and Compassion

This event is a catalyst for weaving together the fabric of our community through creative expression and engaging dialogues. Join us in celebrating the synergy of artistry and compassionate connections as we delve into meaningful discussions that bridge hearts and minds, fostering deeper bonds among us all.


Empowered to Empower: Inspiring Leaders, Giving Back

The AfroSwissters Legacy Roundtable is a series of empowering gatherings designed to foster purposeful leadership, inspire creative ventures, and support individuals in founding, leading, or creating impactful initiatives. It offers curated roundtable discussions, providing guidance, mentorship, and a collaborative community environment to help individuals navigate their journeys, overcome obstacles, and turn aspirations into accomplishments.

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