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Hi there,

Hello, I'm Tallulah, the founder of AfroSwissters. Growing up as a black woman in Switzerland, away from the bustling city life, I didn't have the privilege of experiencing the richness of diverse communities. It wasn't until my time in the UK during my high school and university years that I discovered a deep longing for a stronger connection to a black community.

Returning to Switzerland in late 2019, I embarked on a collaborative effort to bring a piece of that longing to fruition by working on expanding ADAN (Afro Deutsches Akademiker Netzwerk) into Switzerland in 2020. For the subsequent years, from 2021 to 2023, I served as the community lead for ADAN Zurich.

At my core, I guess, I have always harbored a deep yearning for a safe space specifically dedicated to black women. Simultaneously, I hold a deep appreciation for the beauty of different cultures, striving to bridge divides and create connections between them.

I see myself as someone who appreciates and adapts to various worlds, seeking to merge these diverse experiences into a harmonious blend. My aspiration is simple—to foster understanding and unity among diverse communities.

AfroSwissters, to me, represents an endeavor to create a welcoming and supportive environment for black women while cherishing and celebrating the wonderful tapestry of multiculturalism.

Join me as I navigate this journey, embracing the richness of diversity in Switzerland (and beyond) and striving to create an inclusive space for all.

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About Tallulah

Tallulah, driven by her motto "Toto Cordo Tota Anima Tota Virtute," meaning "with all my heart, soul, and strength," embodies passion and commitment in her professional and personal journey.

At AfroSwissters, she serves as the founder, focusing on fostering connections, empowering voices, and driving change. Dedicated to building bridges between cultures and communities, she leads initiatives promoting inclusivity, cultural exchange, and personal growth. Tallulah envisions and organizes events, roundtables, and initiatives, creating spaces where diverse voices are celebrated, nurturing healing conversations, and fostering personal and professional development.

In her role as a member of the Board of Advisors for the Africa Association St. Gallen, Tallulah contributes to creating a diverse and nurturing community for students passionate about Africa. The association collaborates with leading companies in the African sector, addressing socio-economic challenges through entrepreneurial solutions.

Additionally, as an Executive Board Member at Kanangayi, Tallulah actively shaped the platform by programming events (notably during the Spring Edition of the Kanangayi Symposium at African Fashion Night in 2023) and growing the community. This initiative empowers and enables the black community in Switzerland, promoting a diverse, inclusive, and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

With her background as a Strategic Partnerships Consultant at WORLD.MINDS and her previous tenure at Credit Suisse, where she held roles as Project Manager in Client Strategy and Partnerships and Junior Client Manager in Private Banking, Tallulah has honed her skills in business development, corporate governance, and public relations. Her commitment to creating a society valuing cultural diversity and promoting unity and understanding is evident throughout her professional journey.

Academically, Tallulah pursued an MSc in African Development from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and International Relations from the University of Westminster, where she graduated with First Class Honors. Her education equipped her with skills in qualitative research, cross-cultural communication, and project management.

In her free time, Tallulah has dedicated herself to volunteering for charitable organizations like Porchlight and Oxfam, contributing to causes related to poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and humanitarian efforts.

Throughout her journey, Tallulah's dedication, cross-cultural understanding, and commitment to fostering connections and inclusivity have been the guiding principles shaping her professional and personal endeavors.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

xx T

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