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Youzirath Agbo-Ola

Hi there! I'm Youzi. I recently joined this team after starting my internship at a Kindergarten in Fribourg. I'm studying at PH Fribourg, set to wrap up in 2026. Originally from Benin, I moved to Fribourg when I was 4. I speak German, French, and English fluently, and I can also understand Schwizerdütsch.

Here, I'm supporting Tallulah and Safiatou as an intern, learning about community management and stepping into the role of a junior Project Manager. I love learning and sharing my diverse background with the team!

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About Youzi

Born in the vibrant streets of Benin and steeped in the tranquil beauty of Switzerland since childhood, Youzi epitomizes the fusion of African roots and Swiss Fribourgiouse.

Her academic journey navigated the halls of primary and vocational high school in Fribourg, reflecting her well-rounded educational background and passion thereof.

 Youzi is a next Gen multitasking gem, handling various responsibilities ranging from nurturing young minds at Kita Little Green House to managing diverse tasks at Socar Jura gas station- or supporting the AfroSwissters Community Management.

Fluent in German as her native tongue and boasting a B2 Certification in French, she effortlessly navigates diverse linguistic landscapes.

Beyond her accomplishments lies a passion for blending cultures and experiences, a skill she applies both professionally and personally. Join AfroSwisster Youzi and experience her radiant richness, and get to know her vibrant personality.


I am happy to answer any questions regarding your membership or profile on AfroSwissters.

xx Youzi

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