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Blog: Wow. We made it!

It's been a while but I finally got the time to share a great experience with you! I finished my Bachelor of Science in Psychology in august 2023 and my Bachelor thesis got nominated for the IAP Foundation Prize of the ZHAW.

My bachelor thesis deals with the question of which coping strategies BPoC women in Switzerland use in the workplace to deal with intersectional discrimination. This is a very interesting and relevant topic, which in my opinion receives far too little attention. I was therefore all the more pleased that I ultimately won the IAP Foundation Prize for the best qualitative bachelor thesis in 2023!!! My mother was not surprized at all: "Nadou, the moment you told me you were getting nominated I knew you would win". Mama knows...but Mama still shed a tear or two at my graduation. And when I got up on stage, accepted the award and looked into the proud faces of my family in the front row (my younger brother grinning as if he was up to something), all the stress, the whole process and the challenges were worth it.

On the one hand, this experience of success was very motivating for me personally, and on the other hand, I was very pleased that a thesis with the topic it dealt with received the attention it deserved. My win is our win!

What stood out most in the results of my work was that BPoC women see their social environment as a coping strategy and also as their greatest resource. This showed me again that we are much stronger together and that we need to have each other's backs. And that again made me realize that WE are all in this together and with WE I mean all women of any color, of any ethnicity, of any religion or origin:


Peace out!

PS: If you have any questions or would like to learn more about my thesis do not hesitate to contact me. Unfortunately the process of publishing is quite annoying and longt but when the time has come I will let EVERYONE know, dont worry ;)

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